Sunday, November 6, 2011

Initial D Tokyopop VS FUNimation DUB

Hello,and welcome to my review of Initial D Tokyopop VS FUNimation DUB.

Background: Both company's are U.S anime distributes, both released Initial D. In the Japanese version of the anime features intro music by a Japanese band (M.O.V.E) and throwout the series Eurobeat music. The first Dub (Tokyopop)  decided to remove all the audio and give the series its own intro music written for it and featuring hip hop instead of Eurobeat. The characters names where also altered to more 'English sounding name' This was done to draw attention to trends of most American children/adolescents. This is otherwise know as  " Americanizing". The second dub (FUNimation) decided to keep all music from the original, and hire new voice actors and keep original names. Tokyopop only did one part of the series and the manga (till the company folded) and FUNimation did Stages(parts) 1-4.


Tokyopop: This version was(in my opinion) one of the absolute worst dubs in anime history. But, i will give them lots of credit. they, tried... can't say they didn't. They also brought Initial D over state side. and finally they created it about the same time "The Fast and the Furious" came out, which drew attention to car racing again (nice marketing).

FUNimation: I watched the series from this version the full way. The series kept the original, names and music, which I like. The series doesn't have the popularity like the first dub did because, well know one knows there is a re-dub. And because people watched the Tokyopop version and figured the original is just like that, so the new version will suck... not true.

Final thoughts: 

If you wanna watch a more ' Americanized' version or prefer more motivation in the voice actors then watch the Tokyopop. But if you like originality and don't like hip-hop then watch the FUNimation version.


  1. I liked the original "Americanized" voice actors some big names in the industry too. In the new dub the voice actors don't even seem to be trying. I could not watch past the first episode after all the funny parts had the life leeched out of them. which puts the series straight into snoozeville aside from the races.

  2. To me, Funimation wins hands down however I do like the opening theme of the Tokyopop version, and while it does have a few of my favorite voice actors I think everyone was miscast.